An exceptional quality of life, a particularly attractive taxation, a very welcoming and well-educated population. Its magnificent landscapes make Mauritius a top destination for more and more investors.

Mauritius, land of multiculturalism and above all, a paradise island ... from great lifestyle to economic dynamism, there are several reasons for you to settle in Mauritius. By becoming an owner at Les Dômes d'Albion, you benefit from the many advantages that Mauritius offers to foreigners, including access to a residence permit, work permit, and permit to set up businesses or to practice your profession in Maurice. As well as the possibility of having the status of tax resident (under conditions).


The most evident: a soft temperature throughout the year, guaranteed sunshine, average temperature around 25˚C without excessive temperature. The humidity is quite high but is not unbearable. However, it is best to avoid settling in the capital of Port Louis, the heat and humidity being overwhelming 8 months of the year. Also to avoid, the South and the East during the 4 months of Winter because the wind is omnipresent. The center of the island, where the main population is concentrated, is also not optimal unless you like rain and cold in winter, especially in the town of Curepipe.

The ideal for a steady and warm climate all year round is undoubtedly Albion which is located in the West of the island. For instance, you will find sumptuous villas offered by Les Domes d’Albion. The latter will greet you with a sublime landscape as soon as you wake up while in the afternoon, prepare yourself to be hypnotized by the wonderful sunset.

Albion guarantees a paradisiac way of life: barbecue all year round, swimming pool at a pleasant temperature, sea bathing whatever the season, outdoor sports activities, a wellness center to keep yourself fit. Indeed life is sweet in Mauritius and it only awaits you.



Mauritius is perhaps more than 11 hours flight from England while life on the island remains very close to the European model. Living in Mauritius will not be an upheaval in your habits, the paradisiac side in addition. For shopping, for example, you will find the same brands in Europe, whether for fashion or shopping with identical products and brands internationally at affordable prices. And high-speed internet (optical fiber) is available almost everywhere in Mauritius. On the other hand, you will not lose with the different innovations of Mauritius to promote local diversity.

The whole island hosts several ultra-modern cinemas opened offering films that are released simultaneously in England and the United States whenever available. In terms of sport, activities are not lacking, it is normally quite the opposite. It is easy to enroll in a football team or in a gym, the options being quite numerous. To live in Mauritius will not be an upheaval to your habits. For the most curious and eager for discoveries, this small island does not lack either. The sea will encourage you to discover water sports, from kite surfing to paddle, two activities particularly popular in the north of the island. Multiculturalism at its peak with influences coming from India, Africa, and Asia, Mauritius promises you beautiful discoveries, whether musical, artistic or simply human. The Mauritians are particularly welcoming and helpful. 



The Mauritian people will not pose any barriers to your integration. Their kindness will help you to integrate without difficulty. The people here are rather optimistic and contrary to the ideas received on the inhabitants of distant islands, the Mauritians are very dynamic people.

The value of work and respect are very developed on the island. This assiduity at work has enabled Mauritius to become a modern country, with rapid development, an island that has nothing to envy the great nations. The local population is indeed from different parts of the world. There are the Creoles, more from the African continent, the Indians, who are the majority on the island, the Asians, and finally, the French, representing 2% of the Mauritian population. This strong cultural mix with different religions makes Mauritius a community country, with the main characteristic: respect between communities.


One of the reasons for the current strong demand to settle on Mauritian soil is certainly economy and taxation. Mauritius has been a historically stable country since its independence in 1968. Political regimes follow one another in democratic and transparent ways. The government has put in place effective laws to attract many investors from around the world, including particularly effective double taxation agreements with dozens of Western countries including England.

These laws and the arrival of foreign companies investing in Mauritian soil contribute to the economic prosperity of the country and its strong development over the last fifteen years. This attractiveness is reflected in a particular incentive tax regime. The taxes are uniform and amount to 15% of the income, without other taxes imposed. Light taxation, far from the burden of western countries.

Mauritius is the sweetness of the tropics with the comforts of Europe. You will quickly feel at home in Mauritius. So, what are you waiting for?

Grab the next flight to discover Mauritius – a little corner of heaven. If you have decided to finally stay in Mauritius, be sure to check out the awesome villas in Mauritius such as Les Domes d’Albion.

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